About Us

Our Story

We, as a generation grown up widely with concentrated, pasteurized and powder products and drinks, have learned the value of naturalness and purity eventually, even if it’s a bit late. For many years, we have consumed and have been enforced to consume some sort of products, maybe not harmful but lack of nutritional values.

Regrettably, several factors such as industrial production methods and selling pressure, transportation and stock costs have prevented us from accessing the natural one and the health that the nature had to offer us.

We are a team that started out for a healthy life and the generations to come while we maintain our business life as Farillia. We employ the cooling method to preserve the tastes and nutritional values of our products by means of flash freezing and meet our customers through Hotels, Restaurants, Buffets and Cafes only FOR NOW.

We continue to provide services at more than 1000 points with a widespread distribution network in Turkey and in Middle East through our sales office based in Dubai as from 2015.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to let everyone to be able to reach healthy, natural and delicious products of the nature has already offered to us with ease and peace of mind like in the old days, without having chemicals and additives added.

Our mission is to serve pure and natural products to as many people as possible, raise the awareness of consumers on healthy fruit juice and improve the quality of their lives by combining the traditional methods with innovative technologies without applying any additive or heat treatment.

Core Values

  • Being Respectful to Nature and Human Health
  • Producing in the Light of Traditions by means of Innovative Technology
  • Protecting both Consumers and Farmers Rights
  • Being committed to ethical and Fair Trade
  • To Ensure Safe and Joyful Working Environment for All Team Members
  • Acting Sensitively Against Global Warming