Things to Know

NFC but Real!

We just wanted to say in the first place, what needs to be said at last. None of our products INCLUDES concentrated fruit or fruit juice!

Why? Let us tell;

Concentrated fruit juice basically means to the extraction of water in the fruit juice by process of evaporation. What you get at the end of the process is just the fruit juice less its juice??? You are right; this just does not make any sense. But that is the truth. As we always mention, the vitamins and minerals sensitive to heat and oxygen,- Vitamin C being the most sensitive one,- lose their existing shapes and qualities at the end of such treatment. In other words, they cannot perform their basic functions. Structural deformation and degradation in vitamins and minerals is scientifically identified and proven in many studies carried out. Ok then, why are the concentrated products so common? The answer is simple, to reduce the costs of transport and storage. What about our health? Hold on, don’t be scared. We don’t say unhealthy to such products, but instead you get some part of these vitamins and minerals that the nature offers us. Another point not mentioned in the sector but known fairly well is that you are able to use much cheaper raw materials in heat-treated products and concentrated products. While we pick our products from the trees and transport them in vehicles equipped with special containers, concentrated fruit juice producers, on the other hand, transport almost no-cost and sale valued products, with loaders and trucks as it is, with no selection implemented! They will boil them anyway, right?

We have drunk or have been enforced to drink concentrated, powdered and nectar fruit juices for many years. But now, it dawns on us that we should always drink freshly squeezed fruit juices at once without pasteurization, heat treatment so that we get the most of the REAL taste and health of these wonderful flavours the nature has to offer us. Or we need to prefer the freshly squeezed and snap-frozen fruit juices that maintain the taste and health closest to the one you freshly squeeze at home. This is what we are after, as Farillia. Therefore, we say 100% Real, not concentrated!

Cold Press Technique

Cold squeezing technique, as its name suggests, is a squeezing technique employed without heat treatment during juicing the fruits. We can hear that you ask ‘Is heat treatment employed?’ during juicing, too. Let us answer, yes! But how?

Today, most of the industrially squeezed fruit juices is made by means of centrifugal system. This technology uses metal blades rotating at very high speeds. Just as in the fruit juicers used at home. Well then, where is the heat generated?

The heat is generated as a result of the heating caused by the  rotation of high speed blades. The heat generated here, not very high though, and the metal blades may considerably alter the quality of the enzymes inside the fruits. It speeds up the oxidation, which causes the fruit juice to spoil in a shorter time than usual. Just imagine, a method which both causes the vitamin and mineral values are lost and leads to faster spoilage! If so, why do big companies still prefer such method, then? Let us explain why;

Today, nearly all the products available in the markets are either concentrated or pasteurizes. Both possibilities use high heat treatment on the products. For this reason, the heat generated on the blades does not make any sense.  The product will eventually be exposed to higher temperatures and the structure of the enzymes inside will begin to spoil further. Naturally, the vitamins and minerals made available to your body will be at much lower levels. Who cares? It is up to you. Therefore, the companies managed with big but extremely commercial mindset do modelling based on low production costs and profitability, rather than health and naturalness. The fruit juices squeezed by means of centrifugal system require less labour and allow faster production. Just like the big companies wish for!!!

We, Farillia team, employ cold squeezing technique only in order to offer healthier,- we are quite serious in this matter,- more natural and more products, in defiance of this production technique and conduct. Because we care about you, your health and next generations!

About Pasteurization

We would like to underline the fact that before giving any information about pasteurization, NONE of our products is treated with pasteurization or heat treatment.

Pasteurisation is a heating treatment applied to decontaminate microorganisms in the food products. Widely used in drinks such as milk, fruit juices, beer and wine. The heating degree and duration of this treatment varies according to the nature of the product.

Let’s get to the pros and cons of this treatment;

We have already mentioned that the basic principle of pasteurisation is to execute the harmful bacteria, which may exist or reproduce in the food products at later stages. In addition, long shelf life occurs when such bacteria dies. For this reason, it is widely employed and encouraged in large-scale industrial productions. The pasteurization of especially milk and dairy products is recommended since as they have high pathogen risk.

On the other hand, this treatment comes with some disadvantages. It causes the quality and shape of existing enzymes, minerals and vitamins to change, consequently rendering them useless, which are not mentioned very often until today. Even though the beneficial minerals and vitamins in the product do not die out completely but bear a huge loss. Vitamin C is rich in the fruits, which is one of the reasons why we consume them, and is sensitive to heat and oxidation. For this reason, you can never get the most out of a heat-treated fruit juice. Moreover, heat treatment leads to a substantial loss of flavour. That’s why the tastes of the juice you freshly squeeze at home and the so-called 100% juices you buy at the market are so different.

That is why we pay maximum attention to hygiene conditions and do not use heat treatment to allow you to get the vitamins and minerals you need from the fruits as much as possible in a natural way. Instead, we flash freeze and let them sleep until they reach you.


  • Are your products safe and reliable?
  • Do you use additives?
  • Do you employ heat treatment or pasteurization?
  • Why do you flash freeze?
  • What is the shell life of the products?
  • What makes you different from the fruit juice freshly squeezed at home?
  • Why do you produce in Turkey?
  • Who can use your products?
  • When do you produce?
  • Do you to think adding New Products?
  • Would you talk us through the production technology?
  • How do you select the fruits you squeeze?
  • Do the taste of the juices ever change?
  • How do you set the prices?
  • Are your products concentrated?
Are your products safe and reliable?

It is our top priority to make our products safe and reliable. Farillia contemplates designs and produces all of its products it prepares with a concept of health and naturalness. Therefore, we act very cautiously in production process. We get our fruits picked from the trees and try not to use the ones falling down. We sort out, wash and clean the fruits coming in our plant quickly under proper conditions. Once we carry out the squeezing and filling operations in a sterile environment, we cool them by means of quick freezing method. And we deliver them to you without breaking the cold chain.

In the end, we are able to offer you the products full of health and taste with great efforts and a teamwork.

Do you use additives?

None of our products includes any additives whatsoever.

No colouring, flavour, preservative is used.

But some NATURAL sugar is used as required by the recipe in Home Made Recipes (Lemonade, Cold Tea, Sour Cherry Juice) as deemed necessary, which is mentioned on the packaging.

Do you employ heat treatment or pasteurization?

Definitely not! Our sole purpose, as Farillia, is to offer natural and healthy products. Pasteurisation treatment is a widely used method. It is intended to extend the shelf life of the product by eliminating any bacteria and mould that is likely to occur inside by destroying the living organisms inside in one sense. Another reason is the use of much cheaper stock in pasteurised products. Any mouldy, spoiled and defective products falling down are sterilised by means of pasteurisation during the production process. However, what is never explained to the customer is the enzyme quality of the changing product by extending the shelf life with heat treatment using low-cost stocks. Since the vitamin and mineral quality inside the heat-treated products changes, you never get the benefit and health properly as you are supposed to. That is why we do not implement heat treatment or pasteurisation on our products, so that you get the most out of the health the nature has to offer.

Why do you flash freeze?

We have already explained why we freeze. So, we know that the products we produce do need to have a shelf life as they preserve their health, naturalness and taste. Otherwise, it is recommended that you consume the freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices within 3 days at the latest. So, we freeze the fresh products we prepare, i.e. put them to sleep. Therefore, they preserve their enzyme qualities in contrast to pasteurisation and you get the most out of the vitamins and minerals from the fruits in every sip of the juice you get as much as possible, not even losing its taste.

What is the shell life of the products?

The shelf life of our quick-frozen products  is 18 months as frozen at –18C degree following the fresh-squeezing operation. It is recommended to consume within 2 days time after defrosting just like other freshly squeezed juices and should be kept at +4C degrees in the meantime.

What makes you different from the fruit juice freshly squeezed at home?

No difference at all other than the flash freezing operation.

Why do you produce in Turkey?

The main reason why we produce in Turkey is that Turkey has a unique potential in the production of citrus and certain fruits in the world. The fact that we have the products widely south after in world market, not only because of the quantity but also the taste, has inspired us to do what we do proudly  in Turkey.

Who can use your products?

We are able to reach our products to Horeca (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) customers via our reliable distributors FOR NOW. Hopefully, we shall meet the end users as well through the markets in the following years.

When do you produce?

We always prefer to produce our products early in the season, shortly; when they get their maximum taste with highest vitamin and mineral values. We are hereby able to deliver you healthier and tastier products.

Do you to think adding New Products?

Of course, we do, and we continue our efforts to this end, non-stop. No question that we will offer you new products soon. We just take some time on matters such as raw material, supply, production and storage, that’s it!

Would you talk us through the production technology?

We produce our products with a principle that blend conventional methods with latest technology machines. For example, Cold Press! We replace this traditional method by the modern equipment of the day, which preserves the balance of vitamins and minerals and makes us get the taste of the fruit as it is.

In addition, we also have traditional home-made recipes, all of which come to life again in the hands of dexterous masters, inspired by our grand mothers’ recipes! Who wouldn’t want to drink the lemonade, iced tea or sour cherry juice of our childhood again?

How do you select the fruits you squeeze?

Our products are transferred to our plant in favourable conditions, if approved upon proper examination on the spot, by our specialist supply chain team travelling certain regions across Turkey.

Besides, our expert staff works nonstop in order to pick the best types and sizes with the highest taste and productivity.

Do the taste of the juices ever change?

The taste of our fruits is indifferent to the fruit juices freshly squeezed at home to a great extent. We offer you a close and unique taste, hardly distinguishable by a non-expert person. If you don’t believe, then try and see it for yourself!

Additionally, a very slight difference occurs in the production made on different dates since the stocks used and the products prepared are completely natural and raw. This is a result of naturalness!

How do you set the prices?

We fix the prices of our products on a yearly basis and keep them the same throughout the year except for extraordinary conditions. Even if the raw material costs change on yearly basis, we aim to maintain our sustainability by keeping our prices fixed.

Are your products concentrated?

Our answer to this question would be a 'DEFINITELY NO!' as the concentrated products do not fit in our philosophy at all.

We do not use concentrated or nectar products nor will we. So, it is our first and biggest promise to you, our dear customers.